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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ladies, We Have Got To Do Better Than This

For those of you who may not know, this is the audition/casting call for Plies' "Bust It Baby" reality show which is possibly in the works.

Really Ladies(and I use that term very loosely because ain't nary a one of those chicks in that video a lady"? Is this what we have become? Do we really think so little of ourselves that we would be willing to degrade ourselves in such a way as this? For what? Some face time on a reality TV show? An opportunity to be in the presence of a rapper as long as the cameras are rolling(because he damn sure will not be wifing any of you. The most that you can hope to become is a part time jump off and the chance of you even becoming that is slim to none) Why would any lady want to be referred to as someone's "Bust It Baby"? The term alone should be a turn off as it triggers thoughts of being someone's cum receptacle... that's it, that's all, nothing more! Regardless of whether or not you're a Whore or a Slore, (or in this case , because I don't know these girls personally, give the impression thereof) if that's you, do you, but please, have enough sense not to do it on cam for the entire world to see. You may say "Well I'm young, I'm just having some fun while I still can" but do not the young( or young minded in this instance because these chicks look like grown azz women to me), eventually need to grow up? Do they not eventually become older and more mature...hopefully? Do you really want a keepsake of you stating how you love to feel a penis hitting your tonsils recorded on video forever? What if you find the man of your dreams who happens to be an upstanding citizen and well respected member of the community? Suppose you become such a person yourself? What about future children and Grandchildren? Do you really what them seeing this side of you when your 15 minutes of fame comes back to haunt you (and it undoubtedly will) Trust! I hope not!
Some of the rappers have ben bashed because some believe that their lyrics and videos are contributing to the degradation of women. While that may be true to a certain extent , some of us do a good job of that on our on. We don't need a rapper to degrade us because we degrade ourselves. I don't think that you can blame it on the lyrics of some hip hop artists when we are the ones clamoring to be in the videos, be in the reality Tv shows, be seen with the very same person who called you a video hoe or a bitch in one of his songs. Not only that but we allow ourselves to be seen fucking and sucking, stripping, boasting about our body parts and everything else on cam. C'mon Ladies, We have got to do better than this because this shyt right here, don't make no sense.!


Televisiontraci said...

WOW!! I must be getting old because that video was shocking to me. I would love to see how those "young ladies" attitude would change if their mother was in the room?

rey said...

the video was shockingly amazing... WTF... this is a problem that i dont see a solution to

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