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. I'm a sexy single lady just living it up in the big city. As you'll soon find out I have many interests and exploits. I love meeting people, and just living life to the fullest. I love my family, I love my friends, and I love my life! I am utterly addicted to the world wide web and can be a little wild and crazy at times but hey , aren't we all?

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dickey ,Dickey, Dickey

I'm getting spring fever again.  I don't know what it is  about this time of the year that gets me horny as hell.  ( I sat down the wrong way today and caught a feeling so you know I got it bad) I stay fiending for dick this time of the year and that cannot be a good thing since I'm trying to be a good girl.  I'm amazed at how easily I become aroused.  I guess I'm like a dude in the sense that I'm a visual person and with the pretty mofo I saw today..If I had a dick, it definitely would've been hard on sight.  I mean absolutely gorgeous. I gave him nothing more than small, insignificant chit-chat though.  I'm not really in the market for another man to bring me drama that I definitely don't need right now. I go through these phases every now and then and one would think that I've gotten used to it or at least prepared myself for it.  But  no,  I haven't yet learned my lesson.  I'm probably one of the only females that does not and has not owned a vibrator, EVER.  As insatiable as I've been, it's a good thing too because I'm liable to never get up out of bed, or worse yet, I'll have no use for a man.  Like I've said before , this dayum book I'm reading isn't helping at all.  It's putting lustful thoughts and ideas into my head and me having been known to act on impulse on more than one occasion is so not good.  It's taking all my strength to not pick up the phone and call HIM, but I know what would happen if I do.  Why can't some people just accept a situation for what it is, enjoy it for that moment and then let go?  When I meet a new "interest"  and I'm not really interested in being in a committed relationship,  I let it be known up front. Dudes are usually okay with that until they start catching feelings or they want to lay claim to you.  I cannot deal with that shyt right now.  Why can't we just hang out,  fuck from time to time and still be friends.  Yes, I've been on the other side of the coin where I've been told what was up from jump and still made the decision to get involved.  My feelings may have been involved but I knew the deal from the beginning and I appreciated the truth.  Flippin' the script halfway through after the rules have already been laid out.... what part of the game is that?  Anyway, I will not be tempted because although the dick is Très Bien,  the drama that will most certainly follow is not.  Guess I'll pour myself a glass of wine and let my fingers do the walking.  LMAO.  Anyone want to contribute to my vibrator fund?  Yeah, I'm going to put a little donation button on here so I can pick up a little sumpin' sumpin' from Good Vibrations.  I hear they have some good shit there.  Any and all suggestions and donations are welcome.  lol  Nothing too powerful or addictive though.  I don't want someone to walk in and find me keeled over with my clit rubbed off from overuse.  


The True Urban Queen said...

I don't own one either. I rather have the real thing. But,since I am on the. . . as long as in the city of Burgh. . . I ain't having sex with another man again. Who knows?